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Fitness Pricing

Day Pass

Just a member for a day? We can do that!

Fitness Pass     $10

Class Pass     $5

VIP Membership 

Want 24 hour access? We have you covered!

24 Hour Add On $15

Month Pass

Feeling non-committal? Okay, sign up for 30 days of access!

Adult Pass     $40

Student Pass  $35

Senior Pass   $30

Punch Passes

Don't attend regularly? We have a punch pass for that! Pay ahead, check in and go! Passes don't expire, either. 

5-Day Class Punch  $22

10-Day Class Punch $42

5-Day Punch Pass    $43

Basic Membership

Get the best price by being in a committed relationship. Requires 1 year contract. Early cancellation fees apply. No sign up fee or annual fee. 

Adult EFT $33

Student    $28

Senior     $25


We have the discounts:

Medical Professional

Public Service Members


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