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Member Resources

Have questions about your membership? See the resource list below. Can't find what you're looking for? Drop us an email or message us on social media. 

Door Access Outage!! 

During the last storm, we experienced an electrical surge that caused our keypad to malfunction. We've requested an electrical service to resolve the issue but in the mean time, you will need to use the app. Please click on the link for instructions on using the app for access. 



Non-public Basic Member

Basic members receive access code privileges for pre-opening access. Permission schedules are assigned to prevent access outside of your set hours. Set hours: M-Sat 5am-9pm ; Sunday 5am-6pm

Members should not be accessing the facility after staff closing. From closing until 5am, your permissions will be blocked. 

Member Changes

Basic, VIP, or Prepaid

If you need to freeze, update payment information, or update contact information-you can do it right here. NOTE: Member cancellations must be handled through a member of management. 

Black Out Times & Inclement Weather Policy


All members will have access to the facility via their assigned code privileges during holidays & any public closures. (Basically, this won't affect your access). In the event that we need to close for cleaning, maintenance, power outages, or severely inclement weather, this will be considered a "black-out" time. Should we need to have a black out time, we will notify all members via email, social media, and our website. Most scheduled "black-out" times will be posted inside the facility for adequate notice. Please keep an eye on our social media or email for updates. 

Guest Priviledges

Excludes Prepaid Members

Prepaid Passes

Month Pass & Promos

All prepaid passes are non-refundable. This means that the moment you set up your pass, the time allotment begins to count down. If you're unable to use your pass for any reason, we must know within 3-days in order to pause it and re-start it at a later time. There will be no exceptions to this policy, so please be sure you have chosen an appropriate time to utilize the facility. Your purchase does not include motivation. 

Access Codes

Basic Standard & 24 Hour Access

All memberships are assigned access codes to use for early morning fitness access. NO, not all memberships include 24-hour access. If you have not requested and set up your account for 24-hour access, you cannot be in the building past closing and no earlier than 5 am. Must be 18 years of age with a signed waiver and acknowledgment. 

Climbing Access 

Un-Staffed Access to Climbing

Climbing access outside of staffed hours is strictly reserved for climbers who've either climbed within the facility under staff supervision for a month or have successfully completed an introduction session. Must be 18 years of age and have completed additional waiver and acknowledgment. 

Early Cancellation 

EFT Standard Contracts

Per your contract, there are fees associated with early cancelation. You must contact a member of management 30 days prior to your expected date of cancelation. (Due to software constraints and credit card fees, we cannot cancel your membership 2 days before you realize you're going to be charged). 

Small Business


Please understand that we're a small business who is trying to accomplish BIG things for YOU. We don't have the buying power of a massively large corporation, nor should we be treated as though we're out here with the same mentality. We can't do this if everyone is asking for us to do something special. Just like you, we're also responsible for putting food on the table. We will not adjust our prices or products, so if you feel the urge to ask, we encourage you not to. 

Declined Dues

Insufficient Funds/Expired Cards

Nobody wants their dues to be declined. We realize sometimes this happens and that's okay. BUT, we incur astronomical fees when a card is run (whether or not we get paid). Should you have declined dues or an expired card, please have this updated and reconciled within 5 days. If your dues are unprocessed past 5 days, a $10 late fee will be added. Repeated declined dues will result in termination, fees, and possible collections. Don't let your membership cause negative marks on your credit. Note: Attempting to dispute our charges cause it sounds like a clever way to get out of it, will also have terrible results. It's illegal. Don't do that. 

Basic and VIP members receive 4 free guest passes per year. This is only for NEW guests to the facility and cannot be used on repeated customers. NOTE: Guest passes can only be used during public/staffed hours. Do not ask for special permissions. 

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