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Climbing Etiquette & Community Standards

*Please be kind to beginners and help them feel welcome in our community. Offer encouragement and share in their excitement.

*Please do not SPRAY- If you see someone struggling to get through a problem, DO NOT immediately intervene to offer them beta. Simply wait until someone asks for help. Sometimes the joy of climbing comes from figuring out how to “solve” the problem on their own. After all, they are called problems. Spraying can be considered rude to fellow climbers. This includes interrupting someone’s attempt to “show them how you would do it”. Pushing someone out of the way to demonstrate how to do the climb is also considered to be spraying.

*Rock Bottom strives to build a strong community of people who respect and enjoy each other’s company. We want to be sure that everyone has a fantastic experience that they want to continually come back to. We can only accomplish this as long as climbers are aware of their impact in the facility. We want to make it clear that we will not tolerate sexual harassment, bullying, or hateful/intimidating behavior of any kind. We reserve the right to take immediate and appropriate action should there be a violation. If you see someone violating this policy, please notify a staff member as soon as possible.

*Please be mindful of your attempts when we are busy. Sometimes we can get crowded and space is necessary for everyone to have their opportunity to work on their projects.

*Please understand that when we are busy, it may be hard to actively work on your project. Other climbers may have their eye on the same route, so please make space for others to take turns. This is a GREAT way to make new friends as you commiserate over the same problem.

*Any personal items that you bring with you should be taken home with you. Please do not leave items in cubbies, on tables, or on the floor. We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items. If your item is not claimed, it will be thrown out.

*Personal belongings should not be left in common areas. Please place them in a cubby out of the way.

*Climbing without shoes is strictly prohibited. (Gross, guys. Keep those dogs in)

*Please make sure to dispose of your trash at the end of the session. We have specific cans for recycling and regular refuse. Please use the correct trash can. It’s also rude to have people clean up after you.


*Special note for Parents- It is important to understand that Bouldering is a difficult sport and it’s inevitable that larger climbers will fall. Just like any other organized sport, there are rules and guidelines and when they are not followed, it is expected your child will get hurt. We recognize the excitement and desire for recreation but if they’re unable to observe their surroundings and consider their own safety, this may not be an appropriate sport for them until they are older. As with signing the waiver, you are agreeing that you are assuming this risk.

*Any child under the age of 13 should always be under parental/guardian supervision. Please do not leave your children here, as we are not responsible should they decide to leave the premise. We reserve the right to deny access should these rules be ignored.

*Parents, please be a spotter for your young children until they are able to progress into intermediate grades.

*Please be mindful of fellow climbers while they are on the wall. They may not see you or hear you and could fall on top of you and cause serious injury to yourself and others.

*You must adhere to color coded route markings to avoid injury. It is unsafe to deviate from the posted route, as others will perceive you are following a particular route.

*We recommend that you down-climb rather than jumping down off the wall. This will decrease your risk of injury.

*NEVER put your hands out in front of you to catch your fall, this results in trauma to the elbows and wrists. ALWAYS make it a point to fall backwards onto your bum or have a friend spot you on hard climbs.

*Please remove all jewelry. MANY injuries can occur from necklaces, long earrings, and ESPECIALLY rings. I doubt we need to create a visual of what could happen but your climbing career would certainly be over….unless you’re Tommy Caldwell.

*Be sure to notify any staff member immediately should you find a loose hold or equipment. Under NO circumstances should members or guests attempt to fix any equipment.

*Access to route setting equipment is STRICTLY prohibited and should only be used, transported, organized, or cleaned by staff only. (This includes but is not limited to ladders, tools, bolts, screws, labels, tape, and holds). Failure to comply could result in the revocation of membership or removal from the premises.

*Under no circumstances are top-outs allowed. Do not climb over or behind wall structures. Ever. Like, EVER.

*If we are busy, please refrain from using your ear buds. This becomes a safety issue when you cannot hear if someone is trying to get your attention and can cause serious injury.

*Under no circumstances should anyone climb beyond black tape markings on the walls. This also includes grabbing, slapping, hanging, or otherwise tampering with ceiling structures and supports. (Wrapped or unwrapped).

*Please use the drag pads and move them to any place you feel you need additional support. We encourage you to use them for optimal safety.

*Please keep food and beverages away from the padded flooring at all times.

All rules and regulations are subject to change with or without notice. It is up to you to seek out any posted changes or updates. Any violation of these policies can result in your immediate removal and/or revocation of membership. By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these guidelines and agree to uphold them.





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