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What is bouldering?

Bouldering is defined as shorter yet more intense climbs intended to increase your strength and agility. Each route is built to guide you through various types of techniques, body positioning, and conditioning. Bouldering is complimentary to sport climbing (roped climbs) by building your mental approach to endurance climbs, therefore increasing your chances of succeeding on your next outdoor trip. We reset routes frequently to avoid repetition and keep your mind sharp. Climbing is both mentally and physically challenging and allows you to gradually increase your strength and endurance. 

What to know before climbing:

  1. Climbing is 90% falling. And that's ok! The fun of climbing is learning to overcome the route you're working on.

  2. Waiver's are a necessity. No, really. You must be 18 to sign your own waiver and if you're under 18, you must have a parent or guardian sign for you. 

  3. Climbing shoes are required for sanitary purposes. If you don't have any, we have rentals for you. 

  4. We set the routes intentionally and change them often. Each route on the wall follows a specific path that introduces climbers to various types of difficulty, technique, footwork, and movement. It's never a boring climb and we do everything we can to keep it interesting. 

  5. Beginners are always welcome! Our regular climbing community will welcome you with open arms. If you're worried about getting started, we'll never leave you hanging. Our staff will always show you how it works. If you're extra nervous, book an intro session to have a one-on-one coach. Either way, we'll make sure you walk away loving climbing just as much as we do! 

The unexpected:

  1. While this is quite common for little ones to love getting their sillies out by climbing everything around them; please keep in mind that climbing gyms are structured differently and pathways to climb aren't as simple as just moving around on the wall. (Even though it looks so easy on TV). Because the routes are specific, it may not be as enjoyable for children under the age of 8. 

  2. It's not like it is on a cruise ship or playground.  Commercial/portable walls are designed only for the individual to experience the excitement of getting to the top of a crazy height. It's exciting but it's not an accurate representation of the sport. Rock Climbing has intentional changes to the terrain and size of holds, which is something you would never find in a commercial setting. Just be prepared for something different. 

  3. Climbing is a sport. It's quite competitive and it takes athletes years and plenty of training to advance through the levels. It's now internationally recognized as an Olympic Sport. Like all competitive and professional sports, it requires dedication and time to advance. 

  4. So, this isn't just a kid's recreation center? Nope. Of course, you can always come in and make a day of it to give it a try. We set beginner level routes to help people achieve the same feeling that you once experienced on the cruise ship but you'll find that other parts of the wall contain routes that get harder, thus challenging you to take a different approach. 

  5. With all sports, there is trial and error and eventually success. 90% of climbing is falling. You will always get back up and try again. The goal is to understand the position of the body, communicating with the mind to the body, and figuring out how you'll work through the problem to get to the top. (Thus ending the project). 

  6. So, is that what climbers mean when they call it their project? Yes. It's a particular problem they can't figure out and they're spending time repeatedly working through it until they've achieved another level. 

  7. Climbing can easily be a viable replacement for a gym fitness routine if you're not into the lifting weights and cardio. (Although we DO have them). This is a sport that works ALL of your body without even feeling like you're working out. Give it a try if you want something different. 





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